Amelia Bedelia=Priceless

Amelia Bedelia - Peggy Parish, Fritz Siebel Come Back, Amelia Bedelia - Peggy Parish, Wallace Tripp Amelia Bedelia and the Surprise Shower - Peggy Parish, Fritz Siebel, Barbara Siebel Thomas Calling Doctor Amelia Bedelia - Herman Parish, Lynn Sweat Amelia Bedelia Helps Out - Peggy Parish, Lynn Sweat Good Work, Amelia Bedelia - Peggy Parish, Lynn Sweat Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping - Peggy Parish, Lynn Sweat

For as long as I can remember I have absolutely loved these books. They have had me laughing and laughing and...well, laughing some more. Amelia Bedelia is a maid who takes EVERYTHING literally (bless her heart), so, sometimes things go a little haywire. Not to worry though, because everything always works out for Amelia Bedelia. She and I, we are kindred spirits. In fact, we are probably twins that were separated at birth. I mean, talk about a relatable story (for me anyways...)! In all seriousness, these are fantastic books. I promise you, you will not want to put them down. 



Use in the classroom: I would use the "World of Amelia Bedelia" website to find some really awesome activities. On the website, there is a fun activity to help teach homophones and homonyms that I would use. I would also use these books for some fun journal or creative writing activities.


Target grade: 2nd