Madeline - Ludwig Bemelmans

Madeline has been a favorite of mine for as long as I can remember. This story is based in France where a little girl named Madeline lives in a convent. Madeline is the most daring of all the little girls that she lives with. One night, Madeline wakes up in terrible pain and finds out that she has to get rid of her appendix. The other little girls visit her in the hospital and decide that they want to have their appendix removed too! This book is a super fun read. Your little ones are sure to be fascinated with it. In fact, they will probably  have a million questions about what they are seeing and reading! 


Use in the classroom: I would use this book as a way to introduce my students to a world of new things! I would have word sorts and creative writing projects. My students will be immersed in facts about France. I might even have my students do a little research project on French culture and how it differs from American. I would  connect the author's life to the text and show how they correlate. Finally, I would have a French party at the end (French food, music, colors, etc.)


Target grade: 1st or 2nd