Absolutely Captivating

By Aaron Becker - Journey (7.7.2013) - Aaron Becker

Journey is probably one of my favorite books. It is enchanting. It is magical. It is inspiring. It is imaginative. It is breathtaking. It is all of these things and so much more... and it doesn't have a single word in it. This is not your typical wordless story, trust me. It challenges your mind to do the unimaginable. With one red coloring utensil, a whole new world is created. A world where you can meet new people, learn new cultures, and experience new adventures! Your students will learn that they can change the world. Buy this book, seriously. 


Use in the classroom: I would probably make a whole creative writing unit off of this book, but for starters I would have them write about what they think is happening in the book. Later, I would have them write about what they would change in their own life/world if they were given a magical marker and I would have them create their own book based on what they come up with. They would draw their own illustrations. 


Target grade: 4th or 5th