Imagination overload, in the absolute best way!

Pippi Longstocking - Florence Lamborn, Nancy Seligsohn, Astrid Lindgren

Pippi Longstocking has and will forever be my favorite childhood book. I loved Pippi when I was a kid. Now, I am reading it again and I still laugh like crazy and have the best time reading it! Pippi is a nine year old girl who lives in a house called Villa Villkulla with a monkey, a horse, and no parents to tell her what to do. She moves into the rickety old house next to Tommy and Annika and the three of them become inseparable friends. Together they go on many explorations and get into a lot of trouble! Pippi is full of imagination and is determined to do anything she puts her mind to. Trust me, you do not want to miss out on the adventures of Pippi Longstocking, she makes life exciting!


Use in the classroom:  I would have the students do some creative writing after reading the book. I would give them the prompt "If I had Pippi as a neighbor, I would..." or "If I was as strong as Pippi, I would..."


Target grade level: 4th or 5th